god this done faster than i though oh ymyyymyyy

did this in my stream and shi.

a commission!! /O\ this was fun to draw!!


My Disciple book is finally finished!! all that’s left is for mike to rig up the back with some LEDs so that when I open the back pages, i’ll get a pretty glow coming out!! and If i get it at the right angle, you won’t even be able to see them eheheh

i painted the pictures using a mix of really dry acrylics and really watered down acrylics. i’m very very pleased with how it turned out, and I’ll probably end up posting another picture once the lights are all set up!!

edit: i’ve gotten a lot of questions about my book, so you can read a brief description about making the book here, and about the content of the pages here! later i’ll make another post that goes in depth with the altered book process, since so many people have been asking about it


my only regret is that I made Dualscar too young

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happy late eriday!

I’m getting slaughtered by finals brb  _(:[ 」∠)_

happy end (◡‿◡✿)

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Signless and Psii whisperin about some mad preachin


y9u haven’t changed a 6it 

vwhy vwould i doll?

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Happy birthday, Ash. I hope you can appreciate how hard it was for me to not say anything about this present I’ve drawn for you. I yelled at Ari about it for ages and we both sobbed, it was great. I was inspired by this picture and wanted to try some funky-glowing-flower-shit. I love you, and I hope your birf day is an enjoyable one. <3

((Happy birthday to AsktheIronInfidel!))


I saw this

and I kinda just

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The Dolorosa got most votes, so here you go!

I’m not exactly sure how her costume is supposed to work but…ARTISTIC LICENSE

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chilly cuddles for bookwormally

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ehehehe speedpaint fun

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I did Dualscar~

I wonder who I’ll do next!


Other Ancestors:
The Sufferer
The Helmsman
The Disciple
The Condesce
The Dolorosa


The Handmaid


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Took a break from my Alternia picture to sketch doodle the Disciple. lol ignore the roughness this was more of a stress relieving pic.

I may or may not secretly reallllllllyyy have the urge to cosplay her……….

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