feel like I’m spamming you guys, but I said that I’d have the combined version done soon.  I just can’t figure out a background to save my neck.  I mean I’ve finished this - thhhhree times I think.. maybe four? and I hate each BG >.<

I’m being picky and obsessive is what.

Definitely needs to be dark.  I like the way it pops the color accents but other than that I’m going to have to sit here and stare for while until something slaps me up along the back of my head.

Also I’m wondering if I should go ahead and post the prelude chapter to the fic.  I wasn’t going to post any of it until I had written it all.  >.<

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told you guys I was working out a new comic.  I’m right in the middle of roughing it out and getting everything sorted before inking.  I really need to stop doing this, posting teasers… but I have to say again.

I love drawing Psii’s face.

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Happy Hallow33n, Jane Human!

…Amidoinitrite? :33

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Grand highblood

화장 전 화장 후!

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oooohh this is very cluttered 

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I have nothing to say about this.

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Happy New Perig33s, evfurryone! ♥



Did you not read my journal? You should. It’s gr8. It’s written 8y me.




I don’t think I’ve ever drawn E%ecutioner Darkleer, what a shame.

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One whole year of asking a cavalreaper! Thanks for your support, your kindness, your ideas, and last but certainly not least, your questions.

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((I am not good at painting so I can count the times I’ve drawn like this on one hand. But I decided to try it again so I could immerse myself in something difficult tonight. 

Anyways, it’s topical, so it goes here. :33))

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sorry for the long ass post, i just think its a good way to see it closely at their sexy abs :33