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also there’s this i made for a friend 

he’s juggling them with his psionic powers c: (carefully!)


i’m opening traditional art commissions for lack of tablet at the moment tbh so i can either scan the art (which will be Not very good quality because my scanner is horrid) or i can send the actual art

as always writing (prose/poetry/fanfic) commissions are absolutely always open for extremely negotiable, cheap prices!

i’m willing to do everything from sketches to black and white penned badges. nothing will be coloured, all line art will be done in pen, and lamination will cost a dollar extra. the baseline price is two dollars for anything scanned and four dollars for anything being mailed. price will fluctuate depending on what you want but i’m open for discussion!

the only things i won’t draw are anything even mildly nsfw/suggestive/nudity (furries without clothing are fine but i am not drawing genitals) things

examples of traditional art can be found here and here



Merry Christmas from Astro and Lu!!

We took time out of our days to do this for you guys because they’re Christmas colours!! Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

I actually didn’t draw most of this………………..it was painted by lu………I was just moral support uguu……..

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the signless squad (/o_>o)/

Anonymous sent:
fem! darkleer 7



D—> Don’t forgive me.


It’s not actually done, but I’ve been fiddling with it long enough now that I’m gonna call it done anyhow, because the scars and the earfins were the only point to this image anyhow.

fullview please!

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Done for Bonus Round 5 - quotes

the quote used was

"I guess sometimes you have to choose between smart, sane, ruthlessness, and totally stupid, insane hope. You can’t just pick one and stick with it, either. Each time it comes up, you have to try and make your best decision. Most of the time, I guess I have to go with being smart and sane. But I don’t want to live in a world where beings don’t try the stupid, crazy, hopeful thing sometimes."

-The Departure, K.A.Applegate

Animorphs used to be one of my favourite series when i was younger, i was so obsessed by them i actually learned english to read them. so for those who follow me for my writing, you can thank the Animorphs series for pushing me forwards. :) I bought a lot of them in english cause most of the specials weren’t published in italian (including, surprisingly enough, the last two??? like what the fuck?), and i HAD to get them.

Fond memories ;_;

Anyway yes, Dolorosa <> Sufferer (momma!) + Psii and Disci.



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playing around with the watercolor brushes on Manga Studio.

i was drawing Karkat, then suddenly is became Signless? (young Signless? idk)

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Written for Bonus Round 5 at HWC - quotes

Pairing: Her Imperious CondescensionThe Handmaid

Characters: Her Imperious Condescension, The Handmaid

Rating: Teen

Quote was: ‘Who can say what the truth was? The truth is whatever we are most comfortable wtih. The dust, the heat, the noise! Whatever happened that day, the truth is now what everyone reads in the history books.’
- Thursday Next, The Eyre Affair

Warnings: none?

Twisted Fate


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Listen, listen
I would take a whisper if that’s all you had to give
But it isn’t, is it?
You could come and save me and try to chase the crazy right out of my head

And its done! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m excited to finally have it finished. It was originally for a lyricstuck with another song, but it will probably never be finished, so I finished this panel instead.


I’m making strife ones now!

Hope this works!

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