"Did somebody say CATNIP?!"  833c

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(God you are just going get swarmed with asks, I feel so bad for you rn) So Signless, do you ever think about what your mother said about Vantas?


//actually it’s been nice and tame so far! ^u^


I hope he learns fast, though, otherwise it’s just a case of him dying sooner without us or later with us.

No Red Sweaters Ask Night: 1/15

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During his penance, it was said the Sufferer's compassion for his people underwent a divine transformation, into limitless, burning rage. It burned hotter than the irons shackling him to the imperial flogging jut, and redder than the blood soaking his Righteous Leggings. When he was finally killed, his anger rung through the cosmos with his last breath.


the sighnless.


Some of those color meme drawings! As requested by beings on my plurk.


I remember touch
Pictures came with touch
A painter in my mind
Tell me what you see

A tourist in a dream
A visitor it seems
A half-forgotten song
Where do I belong?
Tell me what you see
I need something more

Suddenly alive
Happiness arrive
Hunger like a storm
How do I begin?

A room within a room
A door behind a door
Touch, where do you lead?
I need something more
Tell me what you see
I need something more

Hold on
If love is the answer you’re home. (x8)

Sweet touch
You’ve given me too much to feel
Sweet touch
You’ve almost convinced me I’m real

I need something more
I need something.. more

As soon as I listened to this song I thought about the Psiioniic but since a) I can’t add pictures to audio posts anymore and b) wouldn’t have been able to make a lyricstuck this is all you get


Iron Artist Commission #2 fanaticismrestrained

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Finally workin on askblog shit again. Poor Porrim, having to look after all these jerks.


Done and done.  Realized today that I don’t have to start my character sheets on paper anymore now that I have all-day computer access, so yeah.  Here’s this guy.  Obvs. I had to BS it from the waist down, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing any of him from the waist down in the animation so it don’t matter~~~

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my side-face headcanons for the ancestors~



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I doodled today… 

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Darkleer+ 8 and 3



SilhouetteStuck? The Sufferer and Disciple 

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this ended up a lot longer than anticipated. I need more of this ship in my life,

A fan mix for Darkleer/Handmaid

track art belongs to:

1. Eleanor’s Lullaby - Garry Schyman | 2. The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor | 3. Is Love - White Lies | 4. You Belong To Me - Courtnee Draper | 5. She - Abney Park | 6. Fantasy - MS MR | 7. Theseus - Patrick Wolf | 8. The Keys - unwoman | 9. Graceless - The National | 10. Love Out Of Lust - Lykke Li | 11. Hotel Song - VAST | 12. You’re Not Here - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn | 13. Dear Fellow Traveler - Sea Wolf | 14. Human - Daughter | 15. The Other Side - Woodkid | 16. The Void - Darkness Falls | 17. Crown of Love - Arcade Fire | 18. Salty Sweet - MS MR | 19. Caress Your Soul - Sticky Fingers | 20. You’re Gonna Love Me - Lana Del Rey | 21. I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S’ouvre A To Voix) | 22. Wild One - I Am Harlequin | 23. Damaris - Patrick Wolf | 24. Heavy In Your Arms - Florence And The Machine | 25. Diamonds - The Boxer Rebellion | 26. I Choose You - Amanda Jenssen | 27. Evelyn - Hurts | 28. The One That Got Away - The Civil Wars | 29. Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking - Snow Patrol | 30. My Sweet Prince - Neevita | 31. Death - White Lies | 32. Young And Beautiful (Jazz Version) - lana del rey